Monday, February 20, 2012

Catching up with Time

I'm catching up with lots of things nowadays, work, study, inner peace and diet. Macam berpeluh-peluh jugak lar. Anyways, I've changed this blog status only to those I've invited before. I think probably lagi selesa to write here when we know who is reading and the limit that we can share. Since there aren't many that reading my blog as for now..( memang lama tak update) so I'll try to update more "real" thing. My post will be more personalize but not too much sebab later diri sendiri akan malu heheh.. I just want to update my close friends :)

Working in the bank is not easy as it may seem. Seriously! that's what my mother told me (She's been in the financial industries for more than 10 years) (>.<) fuhh!~ mengucap panjang..and her life, mmg super busy mengalah perdana menteri.MasyaAllah...kadang-kadang kesian sangat kat dia..

I'm taking my break right now..waiting for baju untuk basuh..later I need to either sleep or sambung buat assignment yang over due berapa lama ntah..MasyaAllah..mmg betul kata org-org tua..bukan senang nak jadi senang..I dont want to complaint much because Allah swt have given more than what I've expected before and for this trial/challenges yang besar tahi hidung pun nak tulis dalam blog..then kena doa banyak2 supaya dijauhkan dari golongan2 yang tidak mahu bersyukur..Naazubillah... :(

To my dear Bihah,

Take care of yourself~ Selamat pergi and pulang ye?


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time flew so fast

I realized that time flew so fast and I am getting scared that I might be missing some important events in my life. Obviously, I've been missing most of the wedding ceremonies last year and couple of weddings early this year due to hectic working and study schedule. I hope and pray that they will forgive me :(.

Anyways, I am happy because I am able to get in touch with few of my close friends after few years being far away in the southern part. I am trying my best to balance my work & study life. However, there are few things that I need to achieve this year but haven't got the chance yet. InsyaAllah, with His help, I hope I will be able to get hold some of my goals this year. Amin.

Hope you guys are doing well. :)