Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hush Love

Hush lil red love
This is just the beginning baby
Dry your tears, this is just the beginning
The beginning of everything
Be strong baby
Clustered by confusion
Don’t help much
Put your prettiest clothes and wipe your tears,
Hush lil red love,
Close your eyes and imagine something else
Keep on believing..this is just the beginning
Hush lil baby, wipe your tears..this is just the beginning
Hold my hand, and I’ll bring you to la la land
Don’t wake us up
Let us drift into our own la la land

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I can't sleep

I can't sleep. I wish I could just lay my head and sleep soundly. But not tonight...this is the last day of my one week holidays. Hence, I started to youtube-ing. From Muse to Dido to Pink to Ocean Color Scene to Avril Lavigne. (@.@).

Then I tried looking in tumblr for some nice pictures.. :) 

I love this! feel so comfortable to read book while enjoying the sun~

<3 it="it" love="love" p="p">

I want to travel around the world and never come back

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Salam and Hello

Salam Friends~~

Its been a very very long time ago since I post my last entry. Last time I check, I didn't know what to write or say. I don't even know what to share and etc. All of sudden, I have this strong feeling to start blogging again for no specific reason. Perhaps, the pressure in forcing myself  to write for my thesis reminds me on how happy I was blogging some time ago.

There are so much to update and I'm not sure I can update all here. :) Alhamdullilah, tahun yang penuh cabaran ni akhirnya akan sampai ke penghujungnya. Terlalu banyak sangat benda yang berlaku, gembira, sedih, confuse dan etc. Sejak I sampai KL, I rasa susah sangat nak blog. Perhaps, takde benda nak share..atau banyak benda yang tak boleh nak share. I bukan nak cakap KL tak best tapi kalau setiap hari pergi kerja, balik kerja then tido. Namanya buat bazir masa je nak blog. Hehehehe.

Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharram! Semoga kita menjadi muslim dan muslimah yang lebih baik tahun ni.Amin~~~

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ramadhan is near!!!~~~~


Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Oh my, its been a lonnggg time since my last update. What I've been doing? (-_-) I know everybody else is doing the same thing as I am, work and some other things that need to be done at the end of day..sama la kita. ;) 
Btw, I really adore to all the working mothers who are a bloggers simply have the time to post~ sangat la respect.

Its has been raining for the past few days, and of course whenever I feel like so tenang in the middle of cold night...I remember when I was in Seoul. I don't know why but this feeling came to me suddenly and remind me all the good times I had when I was there..hmmmm.. there are so many memories and yet painfully to me..sometimes, honestly, I had a very hard time to let it go...until lar few years back...Alhamdullilah..Allah swt gave me another chance to mend my broken heart and soul at the same time. :)

Btw, I love all Olivia Ong songs..<3 bila time hujan ni, I remember makan boiled fish cake during winter time..auwwww so comfort..the feeling it is soo.. indescribable..<3 

and now listening to jazz song sambil minum susu panas..sangat lar nyaman...

I hope somewhere somehow, you will be able to find me.. :) 

Warm hugs

Monday, February 20, 2012

Catching up with Time

I'm catching up with lots of things nowadays, work, study, inner peace and diet. Macam berpeluh-peluh jugak lar. Anyways, I've changed this blog status only to those I've invited before. I think probably lagi selesa to write here when we know who is reading and the limit that we can share. Since there aren't many that reading my blog as for now..( memang lama tak update) so I'll try to update more "real" thing. My post will be more personalize but not too much sebab later diri sendiri akan malu heheh.. I just want to update my close friends :)

Working in the bank is not easy as it may seem. Seriously! that's what my mother told me (She's been in the financial industries for more than 10 years) (>.<) fuhh!~ mengucap panjang..and her life, mmg super busy mengalah perdana menteri.MasyaAllah...kadang-kadang kesian sangat kat dia..

I'm taking my break right now..waiting for baju untuk basuh..later I need to either sleep or sambung buat assignment yang over due berapa lama ntah..MasyaAllah..mmg betul kata org-org tua..bukan senang nak jadi senang..I dont want to complaint much because Allah swt have given more than what I've expected before and for this trial/challenges yang besar tahi hidung pun nak tulis dalam blog..then kena doa banyak2 supaya dijauhkan dari golongan2 yang tidak mahu bersyukur..Naazubillah... :(

To my dear Bihah,

Take care of yourself~ Selamat pergi and pulang ye?


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time flew so fast

I realized that time flew so fast and I am getting scared that I might be missing some important events in my life. Obviously, I've been missing most of the wedding ceremonies last year and couple of weddings early this year due to hectic working and study schedule. I hope and pray that they will forgive me :(.

Anyways, I am happy because I am able to get in touch with few of my close friends after few years being far away in the southern part. I am trying my best to balance my work & study life. However, there are few things that I need to achieve this year but haven't got the chance yet. InsyaAllah, with His help, I hope I will be able to get hold some of my goals this year. Amin.

Hope you guys are doing well. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tahun baru

Salam everybody,Oh my it’s already 2012! I’m a month lewat posting my new updates here.  First and foremost, Alhamdulillah, I am at new place, new place to call home, new friends, new lecturers and new spirit.Embracing the New Year, I feel the excitement to rejuvenate myself into becoming someone betters this year Insha’Allah. As for Muslim, we had already entered our new year a month earlier before the Roman calendar ;). Hope that everybody out there sempat baca doa awal dan akhir tahun.Several of my close friends are already married and some are preparing for it. This year gonna be huge!  I’m preparing myself to be more organizing, discipline and efficiently use my time to achieve few of important goals this year.  Insha’Allah.I’ve been experiencing my new lifestyle for a month or so and Alhamdulillah, everything is in place. It was awkward, difficult a bit at the first place, but I am glad with the help of The Merciful, I managed. Syukur again~ I hope u guys are doing well too.Insha’Allah, ada masa and umur yang panjang, i will update more. Take care~ hugs