Sunday, November 20, 2011


I am at new place , new environment, and I have many hopes and wishes for this penghijrahan and pengorbanan.
May Allah swt bless me with great future ahead. Amin.

I wasn't very sure for the past weeks and still couldn't believe that I'm moving again! But then again, to think that stagnant condition/ environment wouldn't be good for anybody either kan? :) At this moment, I hope that I would be able to work out anything that not "regular/normal" in my life. For instant no more tutti frutti or baskin robbin whenever I feel like eating because now the nearest tutti frutti no longer 500m from my place. (Chet).

Need to be more careful with my saving as being away from family sometimes you tend to buy crazy unnecessary things so that you wont feel any different from home at the new place. Well, you can't just buy some huge sofas kan? ( Ok. I just bought a carpet heheh only because the floor is kindda cold you know..kaki sejuk tak baik untuk kesihatan hehehe :D)

Anyways, overall I voted OK lar..better than last time when I used to live alone for the past years.
Maybe because this time I carefully surveyed few places and check the pro and cons before I actually stay here. Well, syukur Alhamdullilah. At least ada place untuk berteduh daripada takde kan? ;)
One day InsyaAllah, I will have my own sweet home to be shared with my loves one. :)

Take care and Happy Sunday.~ Off to class

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