Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Call upon Me ; I will respond to you" Surah Ghāfir , ayat 60

A friend of mine shared a youtube link of Adele - Someone like you. After listening to the song, I immediately fell in love and shared the link!. I know, I didn't do any update about music nowadays. My priorities has been shifted on some other things and now I just want to make sure I got enough sleep and energy to live the next day. Sound very exhausted kan? But I can ensure you no matter how long or details I wrote here, you wont feel the same on any real events.

Okay back to the song : I can relate the song to some part of my life..that's why any song/lyrics that you usually like can be relate to your emotional and event that happened to your life kan? Yes not all but some yes. Anyways, the song keep on going on in my head and I'm now listening for the 10th time. Kid me not!

Whoever followed me from xanga days, should known better that we all are already grown up! some dah jadi mummy and daddy! auwwwww so happy for everybody! <3

Yeah love story can be very much mushy dushy those days. hehehe I can be very excited about sharing my love stories..pasal kadang-kadang lawak pun ada,..sengal and also of course the pain which kalau tak betul2 mmg hujan sahaja sepanjang hari. :P

Okay, how can I relate this to The Most Merciful? 

Yeah. I was weak. very weak. I guess I didn't see much about my life that serious last time. I feel that when I have someone that I can love so much. I am happy. and Yes! indeed. I was happy. But I left some important part in my life. I was so in love with His creation that I forgot the Creator. ( Some might read this as a funny thing because those who know me, know why)

Yeah. Generally, I will put this in my private diary and ducked under my bed.
But then again, this is a true story.
This is the rare confession .
from me.
I was looking for true love and happily ever after love story ( which is not wrong either)
But I forgot completely to rely to Him. 
That's wrong.


For now, every time I got invitation for weddings,
instead of being depressed on unnecessary stress or sad ( don't lie , we know heheh :P)
I myself wish the very best for both , bride and groom.
and pray that I'll get the same chance too.
But this time, I rely only to Him. 
because He listen, love and care about you when no one else do.

InsyaAllah <3 


marliana said...

syu2,i like this post the most because i somehow could relate myself to some point kita mmg akan berubah because we want to.we intend to.bukan sbb org lain.u knew me from 'those' days syu2 just like i knew u.mari kita berubah bersama supaya menjadi yg lebih baik :)

NS said...

Marlie, true :) mari kita sama2 change into better us!~ insyaAllah :) *hugs*