Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Allah swt has the best plan for us! InsyaAllah~

There are so many things in my mind recently and I haven’t got enough time to sit and review those issues one by one as there are also so many assignments need to be done and also workload that pffffftss!.

I don’t know if I should write this or not but maybe by writing this I can actually help me to work out some different stages in my life. Or at least think on how to resolve some matter efficiently.

I can’t sleep but I eat vigorously everyday! Cam cookie monster! Non stop eater! Eating endlessly and complaining about being more than you should weight is not something I have in mind right now.

We should be talking less about weight and emphasizing more on how STRESS I was for the past few weeks.
I constantly developed hateful feeling every time I go to work. Is this a sign ke? You see, sometimes everyday kita pergi kerja dan mahu berkerja kerana Allah swt dan mencari rezeki yang halal right?

Sometimes kita lupa nak baca doa..( happens to me many2 times) then those were days that I easily get angry and macam-macam benda pelik berlaku. I know and I am very clear about who I am and what I were used to be last time. Hence, they said those internal conflicts will happen someday or somehow..you just have to be patience and have faith all the time.

I am very sure right now that what I wrote here is for all the reminders for me..and perhaps if some of you could get any good benefits from this Alhamdullilah. Everything good is from Allah swt and all the bad is from my self. Take care fellow friends and good nite J

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