Tuesday, October 18, 2011



Actually for the past few weeks, I've been struggling with few challenges. Some of the time, I am nearly lost in some ways that I couldn't imagine.Like seriously!. This involved thinking very hard and analyzing my life map for the past few months. I am blessed ..Alhamdullilah..akan tetapi ada masanya kita mmg terpaksa mengharungi cabaran hidup yang mmg disediakan khas untuk kita. Sometimes, I do feel eh eh why ar? tapi kan bila pikir lama sikit baru understand that..all this cabaran is good for me to grow up and deal with them.

I am very happy that Allah swt listen to all my dhuas..Praise to Him..SubhanaAllah. Okie la will updat more later.


Melissa said...

Allah doesn't test us more than what we can bear. :)
There are times we find it difficult to comprehend why certain things happen to us, kan ? But at the end of the day, HE knows best. :)

A reminder to myself too. :)

NS said...

Betul yang!~ He knows the best! never give up hope in whatever we do or anytime we having difficulties..insyaAllah to Him only we rely and from Him , our dhuas will be heard..insyaAllah <3 *hugs*