Saturday, September 17, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin!

My goodness! its been a while after raya..I know all of us are busy with our life..hihih I would love to update regularly but I feel that if I write properly instead of my-private-life regular updates wouldn't be fun or educational ( ehem) right? hihi

Anyways, I just got to know my ex-housemate converted to Islam and her new name is Saffiyah :D Omaigod , I love her to bits..before or after converted doesnt matter..she is really really nice and out. Looking at how happy she is now..I am so glad and relieved that Alhamdullilah..kekuasaan Allah swt untuk memberi hidayah kepada sesiapa yang Dia kehendaki. <3 SubhannaAllah.

Anybody who knows me enough wouldn't be surprise if I said that I used to wish that I could get the same happy ending like her..but I guess my story will be slightly different from what I've been planned before :D..InsyaAllah when the times come, of course I will be sharing all the good news to everybody :)

Anyways, I've just registered few of my subjects..and biasalah beberapa bulan akan datang will be hectic..I hope that I will be able to attend any upcoming weddings kalu tak clash with my classes..if not..mesti sedih punya..weddings invitation takyah cakap la...confirm banyak..but itu la..masa tak tahu dapat dtg or not..isk isk. My class is from 9am to 6pm on certain saturday and sunday. hmmm..

Oh yeah, when Syawal came, my busy life started reports, my proposals and etc. sometimes I kindda doubt whether I can do this or not..but always here to give moral support. Unfortunately, financial support tanggung sendiri :P. Itu la..mudah-mudahan Allah swt permudahkan perjalanan saya nak menimba ilmu buat manfaat dunia dan akhirat. Amin.

I've lots of pic to upload but since dah 11.56pm and i've got a long journey from KL to JB tomorrow so..good night fellow good friends! Take care *hugs*

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