Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lama rasanya tak update

Rasanya lama tak update. Now I have some lil time to update but I don't know what to update hehehe. Basically, wedding invitations mula dtg secara berjemaah sebab dah nak hujung tahun..hence..

I think I need to double check my classes which are now schedule almost every week in KL. (@.@) Ini disebabkan mereka mahu squeeeze everything next year so that we all can focus on our dissertation in 2013..lama tak? I know!Basically that's what part time study is all about..time and long distance ( for me lar).

Anyways, some pf the things that I've been doing lately is trying to catch up to meet deadline for reports and  now reading all the materials masa lapang to gain some ideas for proposal. Other than that, I did joined my company for perbarisan hari merdeka hahahah lawak pulak rasanya..and becoming one of Hari Raya Open House Committee. Sometimes I feel I can be part of corporate comms, entah lar..paling terbaik is to be a student again..serious I feel like I have at least some life at last! hehehe

Me and my friend ( saya mmg agak gelap sikit dari dia) :P

Aqilah..trying to buat peace tapi tak jadi2 hehehe and Alya as usual posing like little model

Oh yeah, gambar yang I wanted to show Aju masa sebelum raya but tak kesempatan sampai skang baru leh upload..sorry and tu pun separuh..nnt amik lagi hehehe

Aqilah and Ipad like other kids nowadays and their Ipad..nothing special :P

si comel.

more updates later. :)

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