Friday, July 8, 2011

Salam Jumaat everbody~

Salam Jumaat everybody~

Alhamdullilah, I managed to post one more entry before depart tomorrow. I am so much thankful for the lovely gifts and great wishes. InsyaAllah, only Him will repay all your kind words and acts. I can only pray for our best in the future.

I must say this week was hectic than usual although I already on my leaves. However, Alhamdullilah by His mercy, I managed to complete most of my things-to-do list , managed to meet few friends although not all. I also would like to apologize for others that I couldn’t meet earlier..insyaAllah..we will meet again during Ramadhan J

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

 “Remember Allah during times of ease and He will remember you during times of hardship.”
Narrated by Ahmad.

Yester years (if this word applicable), I must admit that I never really understand the Dhua’ L. I know its sound very simplistic. Unfortunately, yes I was in that situation.

How can u understand the power of Dhua’ when you haven’t completed the 5 daily prayers properly right? (This is to me).

Alhamdulillah, with His Merciful guidance, I am now are able to understand and believe in Dhua’.  It is the most powerful shield for us and also weapon against any misfortune and things that take us away from Him. Some of us (includes me) pray and dhua’ only when misfortune knocks on our door; even that occurred, Allah S.W.T. still listen to us. SubhanaAllah, May Allah S.W.T. forgive us for all our sins. Let us pray and dhua’ not only during bad times but also when good times because God never fail to listen providing that we sujud to Him and dhua’ . Dhua’ is the fastest message to Allah S.W.T.  J

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