Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ramadhan Al Mubarak

Yeah after a while, Alhamdullilah safely arrived in Malaysia..:D ~! Tido dengan penuh jayanya di atas katil..rindu sangat-sangat2…my dad, my cousins and also tompok and the rest of my cat-siblings..hehehe..Masih penat..badan still sakit2..baju masih tengah dalam process basuh membasuh..and bilik baru 40% kemas..kena kemas cepat2 tak boleh lengah2 sebab nak pulang ke kampong  to celebrate and welcome Ramadhan Al Mubarak with my dearest nenek <3

Although got to know had my red flag was early this month but I am still excited for Ramadhan..I hope and pray that this upcoming Ramadhan will be better from the rest years and wish the same for the rest of ummah too~ InsyaAllah.

I’m taking this opportunity to apologize for any of my unintentional words/writing that hurt any readers all this while….Whatever good/benefit that you got from my writing is from His Merciful and the bad ones are entirely my shortcoming. InsyaAllah, I try to improve everyday to be better muslimah and pray for your’s tooJ.
Will update more about my trip to Tokyo and also Seoul. InsyaAllah. As for now, I need to iron my working clothes heheheheh.

Dedicating a Birthday wish to Aju~ May Allah swt bless you with good health, happy family and great career. Amin~


Melissa said...

Salam Ramadhan Syu. :)

NS said...

Salam Ramadhan Melissa <3