Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm craving for fruits ~~

I have a lot of things to read at this moment 

Another goal of mine :D



Isn't she's adorable? SubhanaAllah <3

Keep on believing ~~

O Allah! Inspire me with good conduct and save me from the evil of my selfishness. O Allah! I ask You to guide me to the doing of good deeds and abstaining from bad deeds and love those who are humble, and to forgive me and show mercy to me. And if You wish a trail for Your servants, take me to You before falling into it.  - Beautiful Dua’s 


aju said...

hi dear =) jmpa ur blog kat page wada.. hihi..

will be following ur blog.. Keep on writting!

NS said...

yeahh~~thank u Aju~~ ;) insyaAllah will try to update regularly :D