Sunday, July 17, 2011

Good old friends~

I was excited and the lepaking session with my uni friend who is now staying in Japan with her husband was great! Alhamdullilah~ *hugs*

She is pretty and humble as she used to be except now she is going to be mummy soon!~~ Everybody is going to be mummy and I am so happy for each of them :D. Alhamdullilah, personally when I looked at each of their pictures..they all look beautiful and glowing most of the time..I feel that's one of the blessing Allah swt give to every mother during their pregnancy..SubhanaAllah~

The weather here is hot like seriously hot! But Alhamdullilah..beside just a small fever last few days, I did recovered well the next day. :)

I would love to update more but I am on time constraint. :( few reports need to submit next week. This post is special because I want to captured this happy moment in my blog :) Truly a bless day in Harajuku despite the hot weather..Alhamdullilah~~!


cham's said...

hi dear...*speechless hahaha

NS said...

hi dear~ speechless? nape babe? cantik kan kawan i :D

ankowada said...

cik syusyu : yes. aku pun sgt happy jumpaaa arituuuuu!!! keep in touch ya :D