Sunday, June 5, 2011


It was Chick@Haniza's wedding yesterday, she is beautiful as usual. One of soft spoken people I've ever met in my life, then there is Bihah ..I'm sorry if I missed some names sebab I mmg pelupa. Anyways, there were more than 4 wedding yesterday but I couldn't make it to most of it due to location.. :( . I haven't been to my uni friend's wedding except Tassnim..rasanya duduk kat Johor and transportation yang limited memang satu challenge but InsyaAllah if I could, I would try to attend future high school/college/university friend's wedding.


alamak I'm still figuring how to rotate this pic..and very lazy at the same time to re-upload..heheh


Melissa said...

You look so beautiful in hijab Syu ! :)

cham's said...

dah teleng tgk gambo senget! hehehe nasib tak mkn semut...takut lupa gak :"P

NS said...

Melissa : Alhamdullilah!~ thank you dear..;)

Sam: tu la..sampai teleng kan? nnt fikirkan camne nak upload vertical hehehe