Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Parents Our Love.

Our parents are precious gems loaned to us by Allah (s.w.t). He picked them for us and let us keep them for a short time. While they are here, appreciate them. They may annoy us at times or even treat us badly but they are the only parents we will ever haveenglishhijabi

I'm not so sure what I want to share today. Perhaps just some randoms pictures from the web that could enlighten our days : )

When I saw this pic, I remember my twin cats ( I called them cause both have similar color but different gender). I don't know how to react when I discovered the female cat's belly is bigger than normal (-_-)!.
Notes : Currently owns 8 cats and 2 kittens.

Cute! <3 Last weekend Nana, 2 years old (see previous post regarding the 2 kiddos), trying to imitate me praying in the living room. I couldn't help it, smile and pick my sejadah and went to my room. 


Estimate how many lines of blogs, internet, Facebook, kaskus, Twitter, Tumblr, and news you’ve read today, and then compare that with how many lines of Quran recited.— Yasir Qadhi (via deenoverdunia)

Nothing more miracle that the words of Allah Swt <3

SubhanaAllah ~

Can I wear this? ;) 

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