Thursday, June 2, 2011

Balik Kg!

Yeah! I'll be heading off to Malacca soon~~
Can't wait to meet grandma although I did went back twice last month but yeah why not kan?
I hope and pray as long as my parents and my grandmother still alive, I'm going to spend more time with them cause I've been focusing on different matters for the past years. :(
Anyways, past is past, lets not talk about people or event in the past cause it won't change a thing kan?

Alright, meaning to update and share more quotes but I was doing some other important things just now ..
Hence I'll share whatever caught my eyes today..while I was googling a case study..(>.<) [ yeah..sempat lagi]

Beached Whale : 44 long foot dead sperm whale lay on a beach in Redcar, England. Rescuer were unable to save the whale, which washed ashore alive.. :( :( 

Wedding Disaster : Rescuers carried a body out of water after a bus transporting a wedding party plunged 15 feet into a lake west of Guwahati, India. The would be groom died. :(( 

and I suddenly teringat lagu Raihan "..Ingat 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara.." 

Mourning in Misrata : Women mourned for their relative, a rebel fighter killed during a battle with forces loyal to Libyan Col

Okie Happy Weekends and Happy Holidays!~ ;)

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