Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm forever grateful for what I have now. Alhamdullilah

Last week, I was worried and upset about something I wouldn't reveal here.
Over the past few days, there isn't any hours that I didn't not think about it.
It makes me wonders and gradually change my perspectives at some view.
But, I keep holding on to Him and seek His guidance.
Today, I get my answer in totally unexpected ways. 
Have faith in Him and seek His guidance, He will never let you down. Ever. -Imsushi

Quoted from Subhanallah

There is no doubt that sadness is a trial and a hardship, and is in some ways similar to sickness. However, it is not a stage, level, or condition that the pious should actively seek out.

You are required to seek the means of happiness and peace, to ask Allah to grant you a good life, one that gives you a clear conscience and a mind at peace. The achievement of this is an early reward, a point that is underscored by the saying of some, “In this world is a paradise, and whoever does not enter it shall not enter the Paradise of the Hereafter.” And we ask Allah to open our hearts to the light of faith, to guide our hearts to His straight path, and to save us from a miserable and wretched life.

“… And whosoever puts his trust in Allaah, then He will suffice him…” [al-Talaaq 65:3] – i.e., He will take care of everything that is of concern to him, whether it has to do with his religion or his worldly affairs.

The one who is distressed or worried should know that whatever psychological pain afflicts him is not wasted, but serves a purpose in increasing his haaanaat (good deeds) and expiating for his sayi’aat (bad deeds).


Make dua as much as u can ..Because Duas/supplications keep us positive and positivity attracts opportunities and eventually by the grace of Allah we get whatever we prayed for ….and its proven scientifically as well :)

I'm preparing mentally for next week challenge. 
All things need to be done before July.
May Allah swt bless you all~ and Good night~
Salam <3

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