Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday Outing - Cotton and Cotton On

Apparently my mother insisted to go to Geylang, hence we all went there for the first time yesterday.
It was lovely, there are many reasonable clothes and also pre-hari raya sale from 27th May to 6th june ( i think). Anyways, since the exchange rates was high ( 100SGD = RM240), I decided to buy only if they offer really cheap price compare to home. 

You just have to calculate every time you want to buy something.
sometimes you look at the price, yeahh!~ 10SGD ONLY! wow! its really cheap!
 (The neurons always gives my brain huge excitement whenever they display the figure $10 or $9.90 or 10,000 won 
but remember x2.4 then you get the (>.<) feeling)

But I did found some cheap materials here ;) ! 

They also display lots of $2 per meter of materials here..but u have to check and look what kind of materials you want to buy, don't just simply buy something for the sake of the price. Like I used to.
Wow..RM5! I want! ended up bawak balik barang merepek!

Baru je cakap, my sister asked me for $5 shawl or pashmina ( terlupa), I said "why not?" but then I checked the materials, I told her.." If you want to wear this as your hijab, you must wear the egypt/arabic style cause the moment you use your pin and brooch on it , those pins/brooches will tear this material down..perhaps you can think as $5 for 3 kali sahaja pemakaiannya...worth or not?"
Then berfikir. Then x jadi beli : D

Trust me, I've just bought the same one at Giant and berlubang sana sini..luckily I dont mind wearing hijab with 1.5cm hole sana sini.  ( Definisi selekeh boleh diaplikasikan disini) 

After that, we went to Arab street as usual to buy grandma eid's baju kurung materials. Last year a lady said to us before eid, "Paling murah kak, tak dapat lagi la kat singapore ni $10 per meter japanese/english cotton untuk tahun ni.." 

and this year price is $10 per meter (-_-). Apakah? Mom's bought some anyways. Tidak dapat dielakkan due to some tailors kena hantar around this time, if not raya 2012 baru hang dapat pakai baju raya. 
Kalau tak kisah xpe, tapi kalau hangpa dah mula meroyan..then sapa nak jawap? 
Istighfar la banyak-banyak yer?

Angah cannot tahan already. tertido tunggu mereka memilih. 

Overall biasa-biasa je. We were actually excited due to Singapore sale. Me and my friend were aiming for crazy sales at cotton on/cotton on kids. Unfortunately, habuk  pun takde. I mean we went there and there aren't as what we expected ..serupa macam takde sale je..hence we were disappointed a bit. But lets be positive! Duit kami selamat! syukur Alhamdullilah. 

Paling best. Quote from my mother " Dah tak boleh lagi kita beli kat Singapore ni walaupun sale, the exchange rates is high so we still rugi and Malaysia lagi murah (depends on what kind of things that you want to buy). 

Okiela. Kaki dah sakit. tapi nak share jugak info with my friends...just in case you guys planning nak gie Singapore around this month. 

OwhYeah, Yesterday , when I was at Fair price (Singapore local grocery store), 
I found that yesterday 28th May was the official launching of Universal Studios, Singapore from their local newspaper. 

Itu sahaja buat masa kini. Take care!~ and Happy weekends. 


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