Saturday, May 21, 2011

Muslim is Muslim

I love her blog. Click here if you like to read or learn more about her thoughts toward being a muslimah. She shares so many good articles, hadiths and etc for us to ponder about. 

One of my favorite posts of hers is about failing to identify the self as a Muslim.

In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, The most Merciful. I am writing this to remind myself again and again on who am I. I am as His humble servant in this world.

I am a Muslim for almost 27 years but I only discover what truly Islam is not so long ago. 
Born and brought up in a Muslim family does not guarantee you will be a good Muslim or even practicing Islam in your way of life. The fact that I've got A's in Islamic Education or Penilaian Asas Fardhu Ain (PAFA), that also doesn't justify whether I am good Muslim nor knows Islam entirely. Simply because No certificate and No man in this world can verify you as a good Muslim or not. Only God can verify or judge you. No one else can. 

From my personal experience, it is easy to identify whether we understand Islam and practicing being a Muslim or not  when the non believer asked us about our religion ; we started to ponder what is the answer and asked ourself why haven't we think about it before? It is because we always take things for granted. 

Although I am hesitating to write this but sadly that is who I was. I used to call myself a modern Muslim for later I learned that there is neither modern, nor semi-modern, nor open minded Muslim.

Muslim is Muslim.

I am now forever thankful to Allah SWT for giving me another chance to repent and be a better servant. I am sure that many who surprise of changes that had been made and I am no place to explain why because I am just happy and thankful that He guided me from going astray. I hope that I will be able to please Him and continue to learn, struggle to be on the right path. Amin.

Years and years, I’ve been trying to find answers for some questions that wandering in my mind yet I haven’t got the answer. Although, the process of my soul searching started years ago, I guess I was looking at different path. Until few months ago, Alhamdullilah, Allah swt answered my prayers.

I guess when you seek to find the truth and pray, He will show you the way.

"It is only when we Muslims understand the definition of what makes a Muslim, and when we identify ourselves correctly as Muslims, then can the rest of the world understand what Islam really is. InsyaAllah, Ameen".- Fingularity 

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