Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Make Dua @ Doa'

Alhamdullilah, I had a very great weekend with all my lovely friends. and again all my friends accept and support the better me and insyaAllah..I hope and pray that tomorrow will be better than today.Amin

Adapting into the new situation is not as hard as I thought it would be (or probably I didn't think any of it) but of course there are few moments in doubt and I quickly remind myself of what should I hold to and why.

Sometimes I forget that I talk too much. I read somewhere saying that if you talk too much then you have higher tendency to talk useless things and create more sins. I used to hear about that but I never really listen to it or believe towards it..until one day..I listen carefully to what I said and talk about. Then....you know lar.

Anyways, for the first few weeks , I didn't want to upload pictures or anything..simply because I wanted my close friends to see me and meet me personally so they have their chance to ask and talk to me on whatever issues. I did purposely gave them the privileged to be the first group after my family to know about it.
Beside that, I wanted to remain being modesty of not letting my good attention turned into something else. Nauzubillah..However, for some reasons, I'm so happy and wanted to share my captured moment with my lovely friends.

Here we go~

-Fin- <3


hamlet said...

suuuu, Alhamdulillah. you look beautiful in that clothes. terus teringat my sister yang dressing lebey kurang lah sama macam tu. how is it going so far?

Tak sangka da sambung study. buat master ke?

NS said...

Hamlet : Syukur Alhamdullilah... :) Thank you baju tu mmg banyak dijual ehehhe i pun tengah nak kemas-kini baju2 yang boleh dipakai dan bagi kat org lain for baju2 yang tak relevant lagi hehehe..

aha sambung lagi belajar..kat UTM amik part time master..weekends je kelas so senang sikit..tak yah nak stress2 sangat :)