Friday, May 20, 2011

“If Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it”

It was a tough and hectic morning. Our group PMA or they call as post module assignment was lack of information and could lead to losing marks. Despite I had finished my 2 other chapters at 6am, there is still another one that need to be review and edited. I also was late for work. Practically, everything was rolling upside down and I was thankful that I remain calm though it was seriously a big headache when the clock stroked 12 noon. At the point, I just couldn’t take it anymore, close my book and start clean my desk, looking forward for my 2 hours lunch somewhere.

I ran downstairs and ready to follow my friend. She told me we are heading to causeway point, woodlands for lunch. And I look at her and nodded. Luckily everything was ready.

25 minutes fully utilized of meaningful discussion about us and people around us. I had my first chicken grilled burger from McDonald in Singapore. It was so big, I ate half (>.<). I know kesian org yang tak cukup makan. If I ate the whole thing, I probably vomit endlessly now. Anyways, currently McDonald in Singapore offers Black forest chocolate Sundae ice cream! Yum! Yum! I will try later and post some pictures ya?

Then my friend wants to buy some delicacies at similar stall but different fried delicacies like Old Chang Kee (I’ll update later when I remember).

Then I saw his name tag. It was written “Ismail”. SubhanaAllah ~ He has the brightest smile I’ve ever seen. His smile had just made my day.

God just made me forgot every hardship this morning, by letting me enjoy the simplest charity He created for us, our smile.

Smile is another sedekah. Just another reminder for me and you as well. :)

Have a nice Friday!~

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