Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Dunya is like Salt water...

"And they said Dunya is like Salt water, whenever you increase in drinking it, you will also increase in thirst."

This morning I remind myself that changes in life is good especially towards the right path
(defining the right path as believing in God above). I am sure that I heard somewhere from my Islamic education classes during my high school years that the greatest challenge would be from inside rather than outside.

For all I know, anybody could just buy a shawl and cover their head ( hijab) or grow beard or buy "songkok" (head cover for Muslim men in some Asian countries) and claim to be a  Muslim. But not everyone can control them self from many daily sins that prevent us from being a Muslim or a "good" Muslim . 

What do we mean by "good" Muslim? Is there any "bad" Muslim out there? Do we call our brothers and sisters who rarely perform their daily prayers as a "bad" Muslim? The answer is I don't know because I only know Muslim is Muslim. Like previous post, i dont really believe there is such thing as semi Muslim, modern Muslim, open minded Muslim or radical Muslim. This is because Muslim is Muslim.  

" If you see something you don't like in your brother try to find from one to seventy excuses for him. If you can't find an excuse , say, " There might be an excuse but I don't know it"

- Iman Jafar as- Sidiq (ra)

Talking about people is what I tried to prevent myself from . I have to admit that I love to talk. I used to talk about things that happen to me daily to my close friends. Some about work and all the time about people. Some about praising how good a person can be, sometimes its about how crazy people could be. Sometimes I got so excited I forgot that I was talking about their weaknesses which eventually turned to discuss on bad things about other -_-! (umpat-ketupat). 

Unfortunately, this is my biggest challenge so far. I hope and pray that the very least I can do is trying to talk only GOOD/POSITIVE things about people and work. 

Note: Avoid saying negative things about people no matter how sengal, or mad them or you are. InsyaAllah. One at a time. :) 

" To fight against one's desires is the greatest of all fights"
- Iman Ali 

I am of course not a scholar, I am also like any other Muslim in this world trying and struggling to be on the right track. I pray that if any of my posts or quotes that I've collected through the net will help you to think of God and perhaps ease your daily stress and pain. Alhamdullilah. I want nothing more than to please Him above. :)

"Whoever desires the harvest of the Hereafter-We increase for him in his harvest.And whoever desires the harvest of this world- We give him thereof, but there is not for him in the Hereafter any share" 

- Surah Ash Shura [42:20]

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