Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Its your choice.

Why ‘freedom of will”? What about “something of sesuatu”? Something of sesuatu was a blog that happened when I didn’t know what to write that time. I wasn’t sure between personal daily ramblings, poems or some mind blowing ideas/writing to be posted that time. That’s when “something of sesuatu” comes up to my mind.

The indecisive person I used to be for the past years have gradually grown up (Alhamdulillah) by taking responsibility of my own words and writing. Responsibility is part of growing up right?

Why “freedom of will?”. I remembered reading some article that God give us the freedom of will for us to choose. The power of making decision.  Small or big. Good or bad. It doesn’t matter. The power to choose is on our hands.

It’s your choice. 

Will you be able to make some difference that benefits to others today? 

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