Thursday, March 3, 2011


I wanted to read Partners in crime by Shamini Flint during break hours but suddenly I have this crazy urge to update my blog yang dah berapa lama ditinggalkan..kesian betui.

Yesterday, I’ve just finished Jade Goody fighting for cancer autobiography..sangat sedih L.  Jade Goody was the infamous reality TV show celebrity big brother. It was between her and shilpa shetty that made her worldwide famous for her racist remark. Please google cause I will love to explain verbally but not in writing. Penat tangan. Then the point is I just want to remind my girlfriend that we need to get the cervical cancer vaccines soon! My doctor said kena amik 3 times..each will cost rm200 kat Johor but in KL..I’m not sure how much..but prevent is better than cure right?

Anyways, I’m so sleepy plak sebab tadi makan potluck kat department abg sham. So perut dah nak pecah. (>.<)

Take care guys!~ muahss

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cham's said...

i kompem kalo u bercerite 7 purnama & 7 keturunan tak khatam2 HAHAHA rindu kat uoooool's tu :)