Thursday, March 31, 2011

Helo People!~

Helo people!

Sorry for the not-so-long absent. Despite all the dramas, I also busy with works, assignments and all. Biasalah this thing has been going on since last year; some people I already update about me continuing my studies and others I jumpa baru bagitau. I’m sorry, I never intend to lie cuma takde masa nak explain sebab I masuk sem pun secara spontan..tahu-tahu I dah sem ke-dua dah..haaa? Yes. Some of my good friends pun tahu tahun ni. 
Lawak tak?

Anyways, the reason that I naik KL and I don’t have time to meet my friends sebab all my classes will be in KL from 8am to 7pm. Back to back for Saturday and Sunday. I’m not going to KL every week,for example dalam satu bulan ada 2 minggu I kena naik..and then another 5 weeks baru ada lagi kelas. J If I ada masa insyaAllah I will make time to meet after 7pm on Saturday; itupun kalu prof tak bagi “surprise” assignment or presentation for the next day which I will probably mintak maaf dari hujung rambut ke hujung jari..tidak dapat berjumpa..sebab I tido awal around 10-11pm so after class I probably pulun do all my assignment and then ZzzzZZzz. But I will try 
my best ya?

If you read my previous post, you will probably think I frust tertonggeng which is absolutely Not!. You know 
me, when I talk, drama lagi lebih supaya impact cerita lagi menarik hehehe. I am okay ;).

Oh yeah, I met Lyiana few days ago, makan sushi king! ( selepas itu baru teringat pasal Fukushima radiation and what’s not) -_-! Rindu sungguh dengan dia. Syukur jugak dapat jumpa dia..and I miss all of you! I want to lepak with you guys! I hope later we can arrange some perjumpaan di johor, Singapore or KL ya? ;) 

take care! muahssss

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I wanted to read Partners in crime by Shamini Flint during break hours but suddenly I have this crazy urge to update my blog yang dah berapa lama ditinggalkan..kesian betui.

Yesterday, I’ve just finished Jade Goody fighting for cancer autobiography..sangat sedih L.  Jade Goody was the infamous reality TV show celebrity big brother. It was between her and shilpa shetty that made her worldwide famous for her racist remark. Please google cause I will love to explain verbally but not in writing. Penat tangan. Then the point is I just want to remind my girlfriend that we need to get the cervical cancer vaccines soon! My doctor said kena amik 3 times..each will cost rm200 kat Johor but in KL..I’m not sure how much..but prevent is better than cure right?

Anyways, I’m so sleepy plak sebab tadi makan potluck kat department abg sham. So perut dah nak pecah. (>.<)

Take care guys!~ muahss

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Packing,unpacking,packing again like a stewardess. or feel like one.

Heavy travelling
I've been up and down JB-KL for the past 2 weeks.Sorry I didn't inform earlier..cause work I don't want later I bagitau then I tak dapat nak luangkan masa jumpa then kena marah lagi..but I called Lyiana tadi..sebab ingat nak lunch with her but takde rezeki...haih..anyways, of course..this week and next week will be in KL but with very limited of time obviously. I have lot's of update for the past few weeks but don't know where to start.

Met Oneng
I met Oneng tadi with her fiance' kat immigration.She just told me she is getting married this weekend! boleh?
 -_-! I wish I could come but I have other obligation pulak that week. Anyways, all the best for both of them! sangat comel mereka berdua ^^

FB Status
Note to Helmi : Sorry I think I made a blunder mistake commented on your status..tidak sengaja harap mengerti..perumpamaan bukan persamaan..I thought it was so funny..but later people commented seperti ingat aku pervert ke apa..haiyyaaaaa

(nota untuk diri sendiri : baik takyah comment)

I sempat beli some books kat ampang park..banyak buku hard cover lagi and rm10! and also rm5! nangis tak? I wish I ada banyak space dalam luggage so I boleh beli lagi banyak but I think 10 bijik cukup untuk stock sampai tahun depan! heheheheh ;P

Fatty Crab
Sangat sedap bangat. Pertama kali cuba terus cam nak makan lagi dan lagi sampai pengsan...^^

Then suddenly I rindu giler backpacking trip. hmmmm.