Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Already February -__-

Wow cepatnya masa berlalu! I think boleh pengsan ini macam. Last month was busy up and down from JB to KL. This Feb gonna be a lil bit relax before March sampai. Tup tup nanti dah nak masuk tengah tahun. I guess my target this month adalah untuk habiskan kerja-kerja pending meaning after Chinese New Year gonna be like serious major berpeluh-peluh dan berkejaran masa.

Last week I send Nitty to Singapore. Nitty is my junior masa belajar kat uni dulu. He got a job in Singapore and since he does not have relatives here so I pun tolong dia. Basically dia already like my brother walaupun kulit dia gelap hahahaha ( confirm kena lempang dengan dia).^^ Alhamdullilah, everything semua ok for him. He already rent a room there..and I dah keyed in dalam GPS siap bubuh Nitty's home hehehe so senang..later apa-apa I boleh terus gie amik dia kat sana hehehe.

This month:

1st week -CNY Holiday plan to relax and have fun
2nd week-Pulun, Pecah kepala habiskan pending work
3rd week-Pulun, Pecah kepala habiskan pending work
4th week-Going to KL for an important meeting. ( I already booked my flight on Friday for saturday meeting and be back on the same saturday) Guess what? total return flight cost around RM50 ONLY!
Woot woot!

Okielah. Have a nice lonnggg holiday yeah? I know I'm going to have super Fun this weekend! Wait for me to upload.

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