Monday, February 21, 2011

Hide and seek.

Have you ever played hide and seek? Of course la kan?

You see in life, although you keep on insisting telling everybody there is no specific reason why you’ve been keeping low for a while but there is always at least a solid reason why. But you just don’t say it.

Sometimes the reasons you purposely created were so ridiculous like trying to shred down few kilos before your next meeting with friends, feeling very down because friendship ended, and mother of all, no money to name a few lar.

Creating reason for something that you have no heart to do at all is simply an easy task to do nowadays. Or the trend exists much earlier than that of course.

P/s: I cant remember why I wrote this and apa kesinambungan cerita ini..but I feel like sharing this. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Already February -__-

Wow cepatnya masa berlalu! I think boleh pengsan ini macam. Last month was busy up and down from JB to KL. This Feb gonna be a lil bit relax before March sampai. Tup tup nanti dah nak masuk tengah tahun. I guess my target this month adalah untuk habiskan kerja-kerja pending meaning after Chinese New Year gonna be like serious major berpeluh-peluh dan berkejaran masa.

Last week I send Nitty to Singapore. Nitty is my junior masa belajar kat uni dulu. He got a job in Singapore and since he does not have relatives here so I pun tolong dia. Basically dia already like my brother walaupun kulit dia gelap hahahaha ( confirm kena lempang dengan dia).^^ Alhamdullilah, everything semua ok for him. He already rent a room there..and I dah keyed in dalam GPS siap bubuh Nitty's home hehehe so senang..later apa-apa I boleh terus gie amik dia kat sana hehehe.

This month:

1st week -CNY Holiday plan to relax and have fun
2nd week-Pulun, Pecah kepala habiskan pending work
3rd week-Pulun, Pecah kepala habiskan pending work
4th week-Going to KL for an important meeting. ( I already booked my flight on Friday for saturday meeting and be back on the same saturday) Guess what? total return flight cost around RM50 ONLY!
Woot woot!

Okielah. Have a nice lonnggg holiday yeah? I know I'm going to have super Fun this weekend! Wait for me to upload.