Monday, January 17, 2011

Love and Hugs

Obviously from previous post, I missed a whole week post! Fuh. Apart from juggling back and forth JB-KL-JB, I am currently forcing myself to adapt a new team member who definitely gave me a very bad first impression. However, I am giving some more time to know her better. Yeah. I know sometime people tend to be friendly but too friendly might not be the right answer for everything.

I would love to bitch but I don’t have enough time right now and one of the not-so good things that I want to ditch is bad mouth other people. I know it’s going to be hard and almost impossible but yeah at least try la. Kan? Kan? Hehehe

2011 will be great! I can feel the vibe from the moment the clock stroked 12pm. Hell yeahh!! Lyiana’s wedding was a blast! With all the beautiful bridesmaids and thank you again lyiana for giving so much time and money in order for her bridesmaids to be pretty that night! Yes. Of course, there is no such thing as perfect nowadays but those tiny miny thingy shouldn’t be bother since she completed one of the biggest stages of her life selain dari berjaya ke menara gading. Hehehe perhaps feela ,finaz and me will finally hook up with someone soon! ;P ( ambooiiiii gatalll) hahahahaha

Okie for more serious topic, I am absolutely going to try with whatever I have right now in order to indulge more knowledge in this business and perhaps if opportunity strikes, I’ll get to give others some mind blowing proposal to get to another stage. Amin.

For the first time in my life, I am truly thankful to Allah SWT for giving me a very huge strength to move on and facing all the upcoming challenges with hati yang kental and my-own-mantra.

“I’m not going to let other people tell me what I’m supposed to do or not cause I know where I stand and where I’ll be heading next , hence, nobody will ever gonna let me down or hold me back unless permitting by Allah SWT”

I hope that by sharing this with you guys and at whatever stage you are right now, just don’t stop trying. Cause the moment you stop trying, the failure sign will be deliver to your doorstep.

Have a great Monday! Love & Hugs