Friday, December 17, 2010

Wow for the second time. 04-01-08 Dive into the Yesteryears

Friday, 04 January 2008

  • hohoohh



    1- cuci baju

    2- potong kuku

    3- wash my hair

    4- buy fruits

    5- find out more what i can do this winter holidays selain menambah lemak2 di badan nie..hohoh

    have fun kiddo this weekends.


    That's what I posted on that exact date 2 years ago!. New Year resolutions wei. Yeah come to think about it lately. last time I didn't bother much about new year resolutions.

    Most probably because most of my resolutions is not about the progress of myself but more to ridiculous wish like free ticket around the world or free yogurt for the rest of my life! yeah. can can..if I marry the yogurt tycoon lar. -_-

    Things will be different this year because I have so many things I want to achieve if I could before the end of my 27 years of living in this beautiful world.

    Why? I've realized that ( actually many years ago ) , we just have to enjoy ( in a good way) every moment of our lives since we really don't know when we are going to die or wake up with regrets.

    right? sound familiar? haaah..sometimes..everything sounds familiar but when we actually get what it mean and start kicking? haahhh...go get sometime for drink coffee and think what u want to achieve next year.. ^^


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