Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pancaroba Alam pekerjaan.

I know that one thing for sure..if you have lost interest in something..u just lost faith and also motivation to do the thing. This apply to everything related to your life. people, work, books, or shoes.

Anyways, never forget to look at the bright side..although it looks like stormy days with "halilintar di sana sini" never give up and be positive. thats going to be my mantra this year! yes!. ( macam motivational speaker pun ada haha).

Its going to be end of the year soon. :( I love 2010. There are so many ups and downs but I survived! and lots of lessons that I've learned and still learning. This time of year, the chance of finding a partner drop 100% melainkan suddenly some guy come to me and ask me to be his gf ..ha tu lain citer la ye? hehehe

Ok. Happy holidays people..kepada sesiapa yang dah amik cuti until next year!..I'm very busy membuang lemak..guna pisau! ahahahahhaa :P