Friday, December 17, 2010

Morning Update

This very morning, I got to know that J's laptop ( my boss) was stolen last night. Before that, he told me that he lost one of his most important thumb drive and to add up the mama was his birthday yesterday! poor guy!.MasyaAllah.(>.<).

Babbling session

This morning I was thinking  how happy others could be..or would be if whatever his/her wish come true.
Then I have this semi-weird feeling..semi-weird since..everybody wish for something and all the time..but I wished for something that I, myself not even sure what or why..I wished for something like..

"something that will make me happy always"

Firstly, the wish itself sounds so damn "tamak" k? hahaha like wow shu, you really want that ah? like always..forever type of wish..the safe side wish..when u meet any genie in a bottle or lamp.. you wish for something and put always/forever/eternity....then you get a Digi sim card which says happy..and always connected...right? right? scary kan? haaaah...(sengal!). Second, I wasn't thinking of anything material stuff since I know and you object can make you happy if only others envy you...boleh? hehe if others feel nothing..than consider lar..that object means nothing. (forgive my sarcasm..I just made I wish haven't I? hehe :P) Hence, indirectly..did i just wish for someone?instead of something...haah..cuba fikir shuhada..what do you want actually? Third, consider I don't really figure yet..someone or something..that could make me happy always? boleh?

You know towards the end of the year...sometimes..something goes wrong in some people mind. Just like me. Hope you guys are doing well ^^

The End 

Yesterday was 10 Muharam..I almost forgot about it until I read my friend blog. I wanted to fast but I can't :(. Anyways, "takde rezeki"..I remembered that I set an alarm a day before 10 Muharam during the first I checked my other phone ( which I lent to Angah)..Guess what? somebody "kodi-kodi" my phone and it showed 4th January 2008 yesterday! crazy huh?

I wanted to check what I did or blogged that day. ( currently checking my xanga). That the main reason I blog at the first remind me or check sad/happy/weird/fun/cool time we had and how much we grow up from yesteryears..just like Diary right?

I'll update on 4th January later. Happy Friday :)

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