Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bye bye 2010~~~

Very personal thoughts.

Minus today, there will be 8 days left before we walk into the unknown 2011. I’ve just finished transferring all the important dates and data into the new organizer. Suddenly I feel so uncomfortable and a little bit scared to face the New Year. Although according to Islamic calendar we all already started our New Year and yes, there were lots of changes. Alhamdulillah, most of the changes are towards the better ones. ;)

As we all know or notice that towards the end of the year, there will be so many recaps of 2010 so far…and I haven’t done this yet. Especially in this blog, which at first I was planning for to be anonymous and open to public. But now, it’s strictly open only to all my close friends.

Not so personal thoughts.

I know I’m still learning to solve my inconsistency or the common trust issues. No matter how open I am to the net, at some point I just don’t trust myself on spilling my life information to strangers. The same issues happen long time ago when I was in Xanga and also now.

Perhaps, I am like this and I just have to accept the fact that no matter how friendly I am, I just want to reserve some of my thoughts and stories to my close ones.  I also learned that I’m not ready to take the risk of people using my stories to create a different version of theirs (not related to copyright thingy).

(When I re-read the italic thingy again, I feel like puking) but, u know what I really meant, right?

2010 recap (only for significant events or anything that I can remember)

Jan - went to Science Centre & Body Worlds, Singapore on nanie’s birthday boleh? That’s what I can recall so far!
Feb – Family trip to Ho Chi Minh (because it was in my calendar) -_-
March – I remember that I missed few weddings during this month.
April –Feela and Finaz came to JB after I came back from Bali for recovering sessions. I also had huge problem with my acne!!! It was started during this month due to hormone unbalance and of course! kepala yang kusut masai.
May – Malan’s father passed away on 7 May, a day after my late grandfather passed away on 2005. Seek comfort zone with friends at PD on Ieda’s bachelorette party.
June- Ieda’s wedding ^^
July- had a very happening birthday celebration with family.
August – Puasa
September – Raya
October - cannot remember. Very dull life maybe.
November- was very excited for Seoul!
December- Extremely happy after came back from Seoul and still embracing several surprise changes. However, very thankful for the whole 2010 of blessing and joyful events and hoping for more great and better year ahead. Amin. ^^

I hope I will get to meet some of my blogger friends someday..and I wish for all of you for better year ahead. Amin. 

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