Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bye bye 2010~~~

Very personal thoughts.

Minus today, there will be 8 days left before we walk into the unknown 2011. I’ve just finished transferring all the important dates and data into the new organizer. Suddenly I feel so uncomfortable and a little bit scared to face the New Year. Although according to Islamic calendar we all already started our New Year and yes, there were lots of changes. Alhamdulillah, most of the changes are towards the better ones. ;)

As we all know or notice that towards the end of the year, there will be so many recaps of 2010 so far…and I haven’t done this yet. Especially in this blog, which at first I was planning for to be anonymous and open to public. But now, it’s strictly open only to all my close friends.

Not so personal thoughts.

I know I’m still learning to solve my inconsistency or the common trust issues. No matter how open I am to the net, at some point I just don’t trust myself on spilling my life information to strangers. The same issues happen long time ago when I was in Xanga and also now.

Perhaps, I am like this and I just have to accept the fact that no matter how friendly I am, I just want to reserve some of my thoughts and stories to my close ones.  I also learned that I’m not ready to take the risk of people using my stories to create a different version of theirs (not related to copyright thingy).

(When I re-read the italic thingy again, I feel like puking) but, u know what I really meant, right?

2010 recap (only for significant events or anything that I can remember)

Jan - went to Science Centre & Body Worlds, Singapore on nanie’s birthday boleh? That’s what I can recall so far!
Feb – Family trip to Ho Chi Minh (because it was in my calendar) -_-
March – I remember that I missed few weddings during this month.
April –Feela and Finaz came to JB after I came back from Bali for recovering sessions. I also had huge problem with my acne!!! It was started during this month due to hormone unbalance and of course! kepala yang kusut masai.
May – Malan’s father passed away on 7 May, a day after my late grandfather passed away on 2005. Seek comfort zone with friends at PD on Ieda’s bachelorette party.
June- Ieda’s wedding ^^
July- had a very happening birthday celebration with family.
August – Puasa
September – Raya
October - cannot remember. Very dull life maybe.
November- was very excited for Seoul!
December- Extremely happy after came back from Seoul and still embracing several surprise changes. However, very thankful for the whole 2010 of blessing and joyful events and hoping for more great and better year ahead. Amin. ^^

I hope I will get to meet some of my blogger friends someday..and I wish for all of you for better year ahead. Amin. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pancaroba Alam pekerjaan.

I know that one thing for sure..if you have lost interest in something..u just lost faith and also motivation to do the thing. This apply to everything related to your life. people, work, books, or shoes.

Anyways, never forget to look at the bright side..although it looks like stormy days with "halilintar di sana sini" never give up and be positive. thats going to be my mantra this year! yes!. ( macam motivational speaker pun ada haha).

Its going to be end of the year soon. :( I love 2010. There are so many ups and downs but I survived! and lots of lessons that I've learned and still learning. This time of year, the chance of finding a partner drop 100% melainkan suddenly some guy come to me and ask me to be his gf ..ha tu lain citer la ye? hehehe

Ok. Happy holidays people..kepada sesiapa yang dah amik cuti until next year!..I'm very busy membuang lemak..guna pisau! ahahahahhaa :P

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

North Korea showed some senses..syukur!

Yesterday I was kindda worried so I texted them asking whether the news are bad or just a plain propaganda..then they told me not to worries but of course lar worried but now ok day. Macam-macam hal di pagi Monday. Haihs.

Yesterday agak malas. I came to the office late sebab gie clinic..then I balik 5.25pm..5 minutes early..boleh? hehehe tu la..

update later. muahs

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monster Day Again!

penat nak tulis. later boleh? hehe

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wow for the second time. 04-01-08 Dive into the Yesteryears

Friday, 04 January 2008

  • hohoohh



    1- cuci baju

    2- potong kuku

    3- wash my hair

    4- buy fruits

    5- find out more what i can do this winter holidays selain menambah lemak2 di badan nie..hohoh

    have fun kiddo this weekends.


    That's what I posted on that exact date 2 years ago!. New Year resolutions wei. Yeah come to think about it lately. last time I didn't bother much about new year resolutions.

    Most probably because most of my resolutions is not about the progress of myself but more to ridiculous wish like free ticket around the world or free yogurt for the rest of my life! yeah. can can..if I marry the yogurt tycoon lar. -_-

    Things will be different this year because I have so many things I want to achieve if I could before the end of my 27 years of living in this beautiful world.

    Why? I've realized that ( actually many years ago ) , we just have to enjoy ( in a good way) every moment of our lives since we really don't know when we are going to die or wake up with regrets.

    right? sound familiar? haaah..sometimes..everything sounds familiar but when we actually get what it mean and start kicking? haahhh...go get sometime for drink coffee and think what u want to achieve next year.. ^^


Woman travels around the world on foot

Must share.

When Oh Hyun-sook, a 50-year-old mother of two, came back from her 19-month solo round-the-world trip she found herself to be a sudden celebrity among “ajummas,” Korean housewives, who have left little time for themselves because of domestic duties. 

Her sudden popularity among the women was not because of her knowhow which saw her tour the world on just 27.89 million won, but because she is an ordinary ajumma like them.

Ajumma netizens posted envious comments on her blog. “For a single mother who is also a household head, her travel must have taken more than just ‘courage.’” 

After the trip, she published a book titled “Dream for the rest of life? Or Leave Now?” to encourage those ajummas to take a now-or-never decision to travel.

Two years ago, many ajummas were fascinated by a weekend drama, “The Angry Mom,” where the main character, a mom, leaves her home after making a bombshell declaration to go on a one-year vacation by herself. 

Like the character from the show, Oh announced to her two children her right to an extended vacation to herself. “My children, too, were doubtful about my plan to go around the world alone.” 

She was adamant that she deserved a break after devoting her whole life to her family. Such a way of thinking is not common among ajummas, and Oh needed courage to take the plunge. Having very poor English and being middle-aged were not going to stop her taking her journey.

“The only word I knew in English was ‘Thank you.’ I just made sure that I carried around my cell phone at all times, because there is a little dictionary inside the phone. It played my guide to 50 countries,” she told The Korea Herald.

However, she was never dispirited. 

“Rather, my broken English gave me more meaning to my trip. I learned to communicate through heart, thanks to my poor English skills, I could really feel their kindness, something that has less sentimental value when it’s done verbally.” 

She said one Yemenite got out of their car just to explain directions for her.

“I loved the Patagonia region in Argentina, Tango, wine, steak and the free spirited atmosphere there. And I will never forget Yemen. They are the nicest people in the world.” 

Nevertheless, she faced difficulties due to her lack of English. 

“In Oslo, Norway, I had a hard time finding a lodgment, I ended up sleeping in the open, like a homeless person, there. 

“The richer the country, the colder the people.” 

There were even lower points: She was robbed of her cell phone and even sexually harassed during her trip. “Every time, I was robbed, harassed, or lost, I said to myself, ‘I’m a courageous Korean ajumma, and I can overcome anything with ajumma power!” 

One after another, Oh recounted her tormenting experiences and unforgettable episodes. 

In April, 2008, she left Korea to travel through Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and North America, mostly by bumpy bus rides and on foot. In October 2009, after 19 months, she returned home.

“I usually stayed in the dorms at the youth hostels or cheap home stays. At nights, I went online to pick the next day’s destination.” 

But her tight budget meant her typical daily meal was a modest affair.

“I saved a lot of money by cooking and eating in. With the electric water pot, I could cook eggs and potatoes when I stayed over at a place without a kitchen. Who am I? I’m a Korean ajumma!”

Each time she entered a new country, the first thing she would do was buy a postcard to write to her son, who was then in the army, and upload pictures on her caf blog, through which “my son told me that I became famous among his comrades in the army.”

Oh had never thought that her return would accompany such honors before receiving a phone call from a publishing company to request she write a book on her trip. She has also appeared on TV.

For a typical Korean ajumma, there is no time to spend on one’s self. 

“I, too, have children to look after, and as for everyone, the weight of my life isn’t that light. Things are stacked up to be solved, and life is full of urgent things. So as soon as I got on the plane, I hypnotized myself, ‘forget about Korea for the next 19 months.’” 

Many people have probably dreamt of going around the world once in their life time, but not many make it a reality. 

“I ask myself, ‘until when are you going to just dream about it?’ 

“Pack up now, before it’s too late.”

Oh Hyun-sook in front of Vasila Cathedral in Moscow.

wow. People and their amazing spirit!

Morning Update

This very morning, I got to know that J's laptop ( my boss) was stolen last night. Before that, he told me that he lost one of his most important thumb drive and to add up the mama was his birthday yesterday! poor guy!.MasyaAllah.(>.<).

Babbling session

This morning I was thinking  how happy others could be..or would be if whatever his/her wish come true.
Then I have this semi-weird feeling..semi-weird since..everybody wish for something and all the time..but I wished for something that I, myself not even sure what or why..I wished for something like..

"something that will make me happy always"

Firstly, the wish itself sounds so damn "tamak" k? hahaha like wow shu, you really want that ah? like always..forever type of wish..the safe side wish..when u meet any genie in a bottle or lamp.. you wish for something and put always/forever/eternity....then you get a Digi sim card which says happy..and always connected...right? right? scary kan? haaaah...(sengal!). Second, I wasn't thinking of anything material stuff since I know and you object can make you happy if only others envy you...boleh? hehe if others feel nothing..than consider lar..that object means nothing. (forgive my sarcasm..I just made I wish haven't I? hehe :P) Hence, indirectly..did i just wish for someone?instead of something...haah..cuba fikir shuhada..what do you want actually? Third, consider I don't really figure yet..someone or something..that could make me happy always? boleh?

You know towards the end of the year...sometimes..something goes wrong in some people mind. Just like me. Hope you guys are doing well ^^

The End 

Yesterday was 10 Muharam..I almost forgot about it until I read my friend blog. I wanted to fast but I can't :(. Anyways, "takde rezeki"..I remembered that I set an alarm a day before 10 Muharam during the first I checked my other phone ( which I lent to Angah)..Guess what? somebody "kodi-kodi" my phone and it showed 4th January 2008 yesterday! crazy huh?

I wanted to check what I did or blogged that day. ( currently checking my xanga). That the main reason I blog at the first remind me or check sad/happy/weird/fun/cool time we had and how much we grow up from yesteryears..just like Diary right?

I'll update on 4th January later. Happy Friday :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Life. New Place. New Rule!

Yeah seperti yang terpapar di skrin computer anda..tajuk hari ini adalah seperti yang tertera diatas. Sebelum apa-apa mari saya update cerita kisah hidup saya yang banyak pancaroba! ~ ;) Oklah after came back from Seoul, I feel very different. bukan sahaja setakat berat badan bertambah akibat makan terlampau banyak but also perasaan dan pendapat terhadap dunia dan society sekeliling. To cut short...everything seems so beautiful and positive! Yes. Bagus. Happy person is also a beautiful person. :)

Tidak lama kemudian, saya menhadapai dugaan pertama saya - dimana kawan sekerja yang rapat menjadi jauh atas sebab-sebab yang saya sendiri tak tahu. Justeru itu saya teringat akan kata-kata malan..

"Eventhough you are in the right side or perhaps you didn't realize that you are in the wrong side..saying sorry first won't hurt you more"

Dengan itu saya cuba beberapa kali untuk senyum dan merapatkan diri..but at the end..saya tetap tidak diendahkan...haih..ada beberapa scene dari cerita ini tidak diletakkan disini sebab..mungkin karangan ni akan mencecah 3000 patah..tu dah consider buat thesis pulak. -_- hence..pada hari kedua kerja..saya diberitahu bahawa tempat saya akan dipindahkan ke atas bersama yang lain..( jauh dari mereka) dan hati ni menjerit hooorayyyyyyy!~~ but here I'm all alone...nobody else..except my team and boss yang sentiasa out station..oleh itu inilah hasilnyaaaa boleh update blog!~~~~ woot woott..

Sebenarnya, I admit that..of all these years..I'm still a sensitive person..walaupun rapat tak lama pun tapi..kalu tercuit sikit mmg terasa..but usually I'll let it go..sebab biasalah..kadang-kadang kalu kita cakap lain terasa kita tak perasan right? so give and take la..adat dunia..but at one point bila..someone question keikhlasan you berkawan..then..I dont think that is right.And if they accuse you of not being ikhlas kawan dengan mereka..then..thats it. Hanya Allah s.w.t sahaja tahu keikhlasan hati seseorang manusia itu..jadinya..we are not GOD..hence we can't judge matter what..unless awak Simon, American Idol Judges..( hahahah I know lawak tahi). Anyways, like I always do. Avoid all this unnecessary thing by keeping your distance. That's what I did. I don't know if it's wrong or right but at this moment..I think thats the best for now lar. Too many sakit hati is not good for your health and also your mind. :) Lesson to be learned : Jangan rapat sangat dengan colleague, yer anak-anak? hehehe :)

Have fun and Happy Tuesday!~