Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Pride and Your Prejudice.

I always want to come up with a catchy title but sometimes I just failed miserably. Anyways, for the past previous post, I was so damn semangat to upload pictures and yada yada..suddenly terasa nak share about great places I would love to go and anything else that I can share.

I bought few reading materials last night and found a great book and I was hooked up with it from malam semalam sampai la kat office ni..macam nak membaca dan baca..sampai habis..like Harry Pothead book. Anyways, 70% discount at Popular book store at Citysquare, JB.
Woot woot!!~

I don’t have time yet to go there. -_-! Although it just took about 15mins je from my office.Hehe.

I was reading and found some reviews on Pride and Prejudice then googling boogling Mr. Darcy's home dalam movie and rasa macam nak terbang je pergi Ashbourne in Derbyshire.

National Trust Property

Let say If I have some money now..perkara pertama yang akan beli adalah sleeping bag and then one way ticket to here pastu beli super large freaking fries..and Tuna sandwich..then bentang tikar..sambil baca buku pride and prejudice. Walla impian jadi kenyataan!.

Ok. Selamat.

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