Friday, September 11, 2009

You know you are few decades ahead when it’s 3R and yellowish.

Not to forget rounded rectangle.

You might be lucky if you can find its original negatives kat dalam bangsal belakang rumah nenek.


Photos sharing for public.

Not the regular I snapped myself.

But those pics that I really have no idea who took it and when.

Hebat kan?

You see, sometimes, you don’t have to see pawang/bomoh/makcik funny hats with globe that can see future.

It’s all in a picture.


Future prediction : customer services centre

A 90’s kiddo, slightly smaller than average, when u said “ Thundercat”, it’s always the “pokemon.”

When you wore elastic band around your head to imitate “The girl from tomorrow”, she's using “ ..spotted at.. “ in every sentence from Gossip girl.

When your first phone was nokia 3310 ( without blue LED screen), hers was Sony Erricson with 3M pixel camera and Mp3 songs and of coursela blue toothies...No need to buy the RM2 books to do-it-yourself ,

**press 1114433 for birthday ring tone that sound like tot tot ^ tot ^tot^

Results 60% true:
1. The day she reached puberty, the phone bill was RM800.

2. Her hp is already part of her body. U can't find the different between her hand or phone.

3. Multitasking person and highly efficient ; can drive while sms-ing and talks to her sister and jeling side mirror, cool kan?

Future prediction : consultant


80's kid, calm and cool when you pasang CD Raihan on the way to Kg.
Started to complaint when you try to switch to My Chemical Romance CD.

You can talk almost everything about Kumpulan Gagak Hitam , Teenage mutant ninja turtle, or “Tora datang lagi dengan permainan baru..Bola terbang”, she understand you.

At the age of 10, she showed her leadership by correcting your way of preparing bottle milk for lil sis.

Result 78% true :

If you showed no appetite, W's questions will be raised by her. ( Why,When and What).

Consistently, checked each siblings on current progress.

She has your back, when your parents totally againts your wish to add another ear's piercing.

Help you solve your problems with technics yang tertera dalam buku teks.

Cth :
" x paham la soalan ni, eeEE"
" Takpe, buat banyak latihan mesti dapat jawap!"

Try not to piss her off, or she probably .....

Go crazy!

P/S: I know u hate public humiliations, but I guaranteed this is the most cutest pics among all. (hehe)

To both : Its 9 days before Eid's, too bad yesterday I played firecrackers with Tompok and he terrifiedly ran into the house. Budus!

The thing is, We miss you both!

We are planning to bake cookies and clean the house.

Dad is going to cat pintu pagar and Mom going to cook her special Asam Pedas so.....

I was appointed to clean rumah kucing and also bake cookies.

Siapa nak jaga oven? Siapa nak mop lantai bilik korang? Siapa nak gie amik baju raya korang? Siapa nak pasang lampu lip lap ? Siapa nak tukar cadar bilik korang? siapa nak temankan aku main bunga api?

Siapa nak temankan aku beli kasut raya ni?????? cakap la sekarang!

Balik laaaaa weiiiiiii!!!~

Ok. Folks.

Saya nak ber-emo kejap.

Happy Weekends!