Friday, December 16, 2016

Freedom of Heart

Salam All, Its been a year since last i posted something here. Alhamdullilah for all the bitter and sweet experience that I had for the past years. Im glad and blessed that I've gone through all of it! with new color , air and sunshine to look at.. I believe this upcoming 2017 will be a great year for me. I'm not sure whether there are still blogger friends out there that still following me or not. I hope you guys are doing great ;) and wish you guys find whatever happiness in your life. For many good and happy posts to be shared soon :) Love and kisses

Monday, March 2, 2015

Salam 2015

When I read my previous post, I have mixed feelings about it. Some part of me feeling happy that some of the hardest phases have gone and Alhamdullilah, I overcome those challenges and some need to improve more. Everyday is a new improvement. I always wanted to continue blogging again but my mind and time always preoccupied with something else. Entah kenapa today I feel like blogging again. I've moved from one state to another. starting a new job at new place with new friends. But i feel empty. maybe because its a new place. maybe its just me. i hope my blogger friends still here. missing them so much. lately i just scroll fb to get some news from them. but picture is just a picture. I miss reading words. update words. understand words. dreaming words. take care and insyaAllah will update again.

Monday, December 9, 2013

An update

My last post was a year ago? 

They said once you get married, you will be occupied with lots of things and sometimes you just forget what you once like, love or routinely do.

Can we blame marriage for that? or actually our own self? 

Indeed it is us. No one else to blame but us.

Of course when we get married, there are list of priorities that need to be highlighted as a nucleus family ( Husband and wife) later on there will be kids too. 

I have learned so many things for the past 1 years. Alhamdullilah. There are many more things ahead that I need to prepare and continuously learn until I die. Despite the fact that I try to be the super wife/daughter/daughter in law/bestie/ and the list go on...I realized that I am just a human being that absolutely un-capable to cater everybody needs.

Of course at some point, I was really envy with some of my friends that can be everywhere, and attending every single beautiful event with their family and friends. Honestly, I realized that I have been drifting away slowly and missing all the events for the past 1 year. 

I only can breath after my recent graduation. Before that all I can think of is assignment, thesis and graduate. 
Since I took double master programme, I still have one more to go. Sigh. 

Now that I am heavily pregnant, I can only think of delivering my baby to this world and nothing more. At one point, I feel like abandon the thesis. 

Last week, I had pre contraction, and luckily it had stopped. Doctor said I probably overly stress by work. Yes, indeed. After graduated I started to work..Alhamdullilah..and now..I am overly stressed. MasyaAllah. 

Doc gave me 1 week to rest. But saya tidak boleh duduk diam. Hehehe. 

Currently staying with my beloved grandmother and resting happily. I hope to update at least another entry before end of 2013. 

If anyone reading this, thank you and take care..until we meet again.